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Containment Wall System


This modular bund, with an impermeable liner, offers a temporary or permanent solution. It captures hazardous liquids or holds contaminated water, providing containment at 110% of the tank capacity or creating a lagoon for contaminated water.


  • FL-34-204:Containment Wall Straight Section 2030 x 610 x 915mm

  • FL-34-202: Containment Wall Liner Caping Clip 1700 x 113 x 74.5mm

  • FL-34-205: Containment Wall Corner Section 745 x 762 x 915mm

  • FL-34-209: 1mm LLDPE Geo-Membrane Bund Liner (Bespoke)

  • FL-34-208: Geotextile Protective Under Liner 300GSM (Bespoke)

  • FL-34-210: 2mm HDPE Protective Overlay Liner (Bespoke)

Bund Assembly

  • Installation and production team offered by Catalogue Engineering Ltd

  • Site visit, risk assessment, logistics of goods

  • Surface preparation, walls and corners positioned, liner fabricated and connected

  • Any tank can be manoeuvred into bund during assembly

  • Bund quality checked and completed

  • The bund can be dismantled and removed when the job is complete

  • Can be stored economically with the nestable design or relocated to another site

  • Liners can be repaired or replaced if damaged

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