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Gorilla Bund System

Gorilla bund system 4.png

Provides impermeable containment of hydrocarbons and aggressive liquids for operational machinery on site whilst providing vehicle access



Drive over bund walls

Modular construction

Polymer coated foam blocks

Blocks dimensions 1829 x 406 x 152mm

Slots in top of blocks to hold rebar

Impermeable LLDPE liner

2.4 mm Geotextile underliner

Liner and underliner resistant to ultraviolet, biological and chemical degradation

Assembled and disassembled on site

Can be constructed on concrete, hardcore, tarmac, sand, or grass

Not secured to the substrate

Provides liquid containment combined with vehicle access

Can be constructed to suit individual site requirements

Provides volume storage capacity that can be accessed by vehicles

Can be repeatedly driven over and regain shape with no damage

Secures liner in place

Watertight bunding

Protects liner from puncturing

Conforms to Environment Agency LFE 5
and CIRIA C736: Design of Containment Systems for the Prevention of Water Pollution from Industrial Accidents

Turnkey job, no need for own technical staff

Flexible locations

Easily dismantled and removed after use

Components and Assembly:
  • Requires suitable flat ground comprised of concrete or graded hardcore – not sand

  • Not secured to the substrate.

  • Gorilla bunds and corners laid out and slotted together

  • Geotextile underlay for protection

  • Impermeable liner compatible for the storage of the liquids contained

  • Rebars slotted into blocks to secure liner.

Bund Disassembly and Relocation
  • The bund can be dismantled and removed when the job is complete

  • Can be relocated to another site

  • Liners can be repaired or replaced

  • UL-34-300 Gorilla Walls1829 x 406 x 152 mm

  • UL-34- 301Gorilla corners610 x 610 x 152

  • FL- 34- 3021 mm LLDPE Liner and Geotextile Underliner

Gorilla bund system 5.png
Gorilla bund system 3.png
Gorilla bund system 4.png
Gorilla bund system 2.png
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