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Drum Spill Pallets


Drum spill pallets provide safe static spill containment for 205 litre drums in factories, warehouses, stores, garages etc.

Fully compliant with all the current UK regulations.



Manufactured from UV chemical resistant polyethylene

Yellow base with black platform

Leakproof base sump

Removable platform with hand inserts and integrated viewing gaps

Sump capacities

Nestable 4-drum model

Integral fork pockets

Non corroding, rust proof compatible with most chemicals

Highly visible in the workplace

Contains any liquid spills

Easy cleaning of the base sump after a spill               Ideal for inspection and inserting a pump

Exceed UK, European and US Regulations

For optimised shipping and storage

Compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks to allow easy transportation around site                

Product code     Storage       Dimensions H x W x D     Weight kgs     Capacity Litres     Max load kgs

FL-205-103         1-drum       600 x 1000 x 680mm        19.5                  230                        400

FL-205-104         2-drum       440 x 1300 x 750mm        20.5                  250                        650

FL-205-112*       4-drum       305 x 1460 x 1460mm      37                     249                        1250

FL-205-106**     4-drum       270 x 2445 x 660mm        34                     235                        1250

*Stackable spill pallet

** In-line spill pallet

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