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Work Floors


Work floors provide a safe method to store and decant liquids into small containers in the workplace.

Suitable for internal use only.



Manufactured from UV chemical resistant polyethyle


Leakproof base sump

Removable heavy-duty slip resistant platform

Flexibility of system

Optional ramp system

Compatible with most chemicals, non-corroding and rust proof

Easily transportable around site

Contains any liquid spills

Allows easy cleaning of the base sump after a spill

Can be placed together to form a bespoke workstation

Allows easier access using a drum truck

Product code    Storage       Dimensions H x W x D     Weight kgs     Capacity Litres     Max load kgs

FL-205-301        2-drum        150 x 1600 x 800mm       24.5                  112                        1000

FL-205-302        4-drum        150 x 1600 x 1600mm      45                     232                       2000                  

FL-205-310        Ramp           180 x 810 x 1290mm        15                                                   500                 

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