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Work Floors


Work floors provides a safe method to store, transport and decant liquid drums/ containers in the workplace building.

Ensures all liquid spills are captured and retained within the bund, reducing the risk of any slips by employees



Manufactured from UV chemical resistant polyethyle


Leakproof base sump

Removable heavy-duty slip resistant platform

Flexibility of system

Optional ramp system

Compatible with most chemicals, non-corroding and rust proof

Easily transportable around site

Contains any liquid spills

Allows easy cleaning of the base sump after a spill

Can be placed together to form a bespoke workstation

Allows easier access using a drum truck

Product code    Storage      Description                    Dimensions H x W x D          Capacity Litres     Max load kgs

FL-205-301        2-drum        Fosse Workfloor          150 x 1600 x 800mm              112                        1000

FL-205-302        4-drum        Fosse Workfloor          150 x 1600 x 1600mm            232                        2000                  

FL-205-310        Ramp          Fosse Ramp                    180 x 810 x 1290mm                                            500                 

UL-143-422        4-drum       Ultra-Spill Deck

EN-5117-YE       2-drum       Enpac Workfloor

EN-5116-YE       4-drum       Enpac Workfloor

EN-5115-YE       6-drum       Enpac Workfloor

EN-5111-BK       Ramp

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