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Augean North Sea Services Case Study

Customer: Augean North Sea Services


Nature of business: Waste management company


Issue to be resolved: Hydrocarbon and petrochemical waste from rigs are held offshore before being brought into the harbour for discharge into secure storage tanks on the quay.

These tanks require secondary containment to comply with the current Oil Storage Regulations.


Bund specification:

  • Impermeable liner compatible for the storage of hydrocarbon liquids

  • Geotextile underlay for protection

  • Dimensions length x width x height 40 x 3 x 1m


Bund requirements:

  • Assembled on the quayside at short notice

  • Tanks are manoeuvred into bund during assembly

  • The bund had to be dismantled and removed when the job was completed and be relocated at other sites for future us

Geotextile underlay

Picture 1.png

Liner being installed

Picture 2.png
Picture 3.png

Cappings securing the liner in place

Picture 4.png
Picture 5.png

Tanks located in bund and in use

Picture 7.png
Picture 8.png
Picture 6.png
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