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Hydroblast Pad


A temporary jetting bay providing an area of approximately 70m2 for cleaning equipment such as heat exchangers and tubes, while collecting the waste water for disposal or reuse.



2 metre high walls on 3 sides

Closed loop system

Built in collection box for ATEX submersible pump

Slip resistant surface and integral hand rails

Contains high pressure hydroblasting and is easy to install and dismantle

Independent of water connections

Enables water recycling and capture of precious metals

Safe access ramp onto the platform

Components and Assembly:
  • Suitable flat ground comprised of concrete or graded hardcore – not sand

  • Gorilla Bund installation to collect any waste liquid.

  • The working area is surrounded by a 3 metre tall wall on three sides of the pad with openings on the bottom to allow the water to displace into the side and rear gullies.

  • Splash guards installed on the rim of the gullies prevent overspray.

  • The gullies flow to a central discharge area, fitted with a 4” PN16 flange for pipework and pump connection.

  • The working platform and ramp have a slip-resistant surface and integrated hand rail allowing safe pedestrian access.

  • The modular sections making up the Hydroblast Pad are craned into position in a swift and safe installation taking approximately 4 hours.

  • The system can be installed independent or as closed loop system utilising the Hydroblast Pad in combination with a pump, weir tanks and filtration units enabling recycling of waste water and to capture precious metals

Bund Disassembly and Relocation
  • The bund can be dismantled and removed when the job was completed

  • Can be relocated to another site

  • Liners can be repaired or replaced

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